Vision Statement: To deliver an unparalleled hockey and life experience to young athletes. To assist
players in pursuit of their hockey goals through character work ethic and skill development in an
environment that promotes learning, accountability and perseverance.

Value Proposition: To provide players of all skill levels a spring hockey experience built on character,
commitment, and compete with year-round access to high level instruction of individual and team skill
development and hockey opportunities through our programs and affiliations.

The BC Lightning Hockey Club began with one team of 1998 born athletes more than 10 years ago and has grown to an association of 13+ teams ranging from 2013-2006 birth years.

Our program began as a spring hockey team with a focus on providing elite spring hockey competition and development to players who wanted to take their games to the next level. Over the years we have become one of the premiere providers of hockey development and competition for players of all ages. We provide players with an all-round development platform to grow not only their skills but also their love and enjoyment of the game of hockey.

Founded by Tim Preston of Impact Hockey Development, we have seen phenomenal growth over the years because of the care each of our professional coaches takes in developing each player and team. We believe in selecting our teams not only on a player’s skill but more importantly on a player’s character, compete and commitment to becoming the best player they can be. Players from our program have gone on the play in the CSSHL, BCMML, BCHL, WHL & NHL as well as every level of minor hockey.

Each of our teams have professional coaches, weekly in season skill development, team workouts with Tim Preston and Impact Hockey Development as well as team practices, 3-5 tournaments and teambuilding events.

While our teams are perennial tournament contenders and championship winners we are most proud of providing our players the culture to grow not only as athletes but as people. Learning the sacrifices and commitment it takes to perform at an elite level are some of the values we hope to instill in each player to compliment growth in their hockey skills and love of the game.

We offer our players the opportunity for individual and team growth throughout the fall and winter as a compliment to their club hockey season.

Our spring team’s offerings are two fold; BCL Elite teams, and BCL teams. Our BCL Elite teams aim to provide a competitive environment for our players to compete with top teams from Western Canada and North America. Our BCL teams aim to provide a fun yet competitive experience for the athletes, without the same level of commitment that would be required for our Elite teams. Players on our BCL Teams typically play other spring sports. While each team is selected to compete at these levels our focus is on player development and growth of the athlete in a fun and competitive environment.

If you are interested in having fun in a structured, progressive and competitive environment while developing your skills to become the best player you can be please CONTACT US!